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Saturday Errands!

Hello everyone!

Weekend is almost over! How ya doing? I had a very busy weekend which is totally usual now since I started to be a Vlogger/Blogger. Gahhh, Weekend is too short right? Anyway, I am now editing my videos from Saturday Errands, will be posting it tonight šŸ™‚

Soooo Saturday we had the Bachelorette of my friend, in the afternoon we had few dares for her which was totally fun – she was super stressed haha! Anyways yeah after the Dare we went back home to get ready for the night.


While walking in Geneva OldTown look what I found ..


I am not sure wether the pair of shoe is a deco or someone threw it there haha!

Of course, whenever I am out I will not miss to do some candid shots!

I was freezing like crazy it was totally cold during the weekend.

Ok lovies, I will get back to you once the video of Honey’s Bachelorette is posted. Its a must watch video!!! šŸ™‚

Have a lovely sunday everyone!

Much Love,


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