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Rainy days

Oh Monday! I don’t understand why weekend is soooo short. It was so difficult for me to wake up today.

Today, I just want to be under the blanket with PJ’s and have hot chocolate do you agree guys?

Raining + Snowing, I mean I love snow but I’m not a fan of having snow and rain at the same time.  And MONDAY=Means back to the Office. Can you imagine I opened my email and I have 187 emails, and finally received the huge document I was waiting for since a week, it’s quite difficult to read and correct 200 pages. I tried my best but I am getting more sleepy …. zZz zZzz

By the way I am actually trying to learn Japanese now! Hahahaha .. nah just kidding! I work most with Japanese that’s why and I have to finalize the 200 pages document and half of it, needs to be changed from Japanese to English.

Only have couple of days to finalize it. Sooooo Good luck to me!

Anywayssss, here are some shots from today

Wish you a nice week lovies!

Much love ❤

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