Hi Lovieeeessss!


How ya guys doing? Soon its Christmas are you excited? So today, I will go to shop all the missing Christmas gifts and probably need to change few items that I bought.

So tomorrow, the first Christmas Party starts at work – and my gift is not final yet I am not so sure, I drawn one of my Project Managers and its so difficult find a gift for Mens… grrrrrr. . Anyhow will try to check today again in any case I have a Back-up gift hahaha!

Friday its my Christmas Party with the Volleyball Team – so excited to we prepared all games, gifts and of course also Exchange gifts. hahaha!

So last night we shoot the UNBOXING MAVIC PRO COMBO and finished around 3 AM that was all along after my training at 11pm. Can you Imagine? So Lucky that I am working from home every Wednesday and since its Christmas its very quiet few emails to read and respond and thats all πŸ™‚





CAN’T WAIT TO USEEE ITTTT in the Beautiful Island in the Philippines!

Check out my video tomorrow in my Youtube Channel! πŸ™‚ Will post it here of course to keep you posted.


Talk to you later lovies!


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